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What Geriatric Care Manager Mary Hughes Can Do For You 

The goal of professional geriatric care management is to improve an older adult's quality of life, and to reduce family stress. Following an assessment and evaluation, in consultation with you and your family, and at times other professionals, Mary will tailor a care plan for your individual circumstances, assisting you in a variety of areas, including: 
  •  coordinating and overseeing home-care services
  •  recommending and arranging for home safety modifications and/or repairs 
  •  arranging for housekeeping, cleaning, and laundry services
  •  helping a family evaluate and select assisted living, memory care, or skilled nursing options
  •  monitoring a client’s care in assisted living or other care facility
  •  communicating with family at a distance, keeping them well-informed
  •  planning and arranging for moving/transition
  •  geriatric physician referrals
  •  facilitating communication between doctor, client, and family
  •  monitoring client’s adherence to medical orders,and instructions
  •  monitoring drug prescriptions  
  •  recommending a financial-services expert, licensed fiduciary, or accountants 
  •  securing or recommending an elder care attorney   
  •  crisis intervention 
  •  taking a client to the hospital emergency department 
  •  accompanying a client to doctor/procedure appointments 
  •  coordinating/providing general transportation 
  •  recommending durable medical equipment 
  •  handling insurance matters 
  •  helping with Medicare/Medicaid (ALTCS) applications 
  •  identifying opportunities to engage in recreational activities that enrich quality of life.

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